Wednesday, March 28, 2007

White N' Nerdy

Keeping with our new theme song- BTW... Are we even worthy enough to use a Weird Al song? He makes my dorky heart go squeeee!- and with the Dork Side, I bring you these!

White, Pink N' Nerdy

White N' (a little dirty) Nerdy

White N' Nerdy Swingers

White N' Nerdy Darn Hilarious


Anonymous said...

Lovin' the white and a little dirty nerdy.
We need Triumph to pop his cigar smoking head and gold bow tie into that picture.


Ash said...

Squeeelicious pictures. I think I squeed myself a bit on pink and white darth. I think I should mention that my husband and I collected Darth tater and spud trooper mr. potato heads.

Stealth said...

hahahahahaha That pic is STILL on an old blog of mine (pink Darth) from last year...just sitting there.


I made it a caption thing. The comments were a riot.