Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Even dorks have bad hair days ;)

This self-proclaimed dork (SighlentJ on Flickr)has wayyyyy too much time on his hands. I am digging his dorky do's though. Click the link to read about his misadventures in mane management.

Edit to add: I just found another picture of his that I love, click here to see it and read what it's about... I think I might just have a new dork crush. Sorry Conan!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday, November 17, 2007

On Michigan and fruit flies...... this is a little embarrassing, but I have a confession. My house and I have a battle going on now with a vermin known as FRUIT FLIES!!...Long deep music score.

Michigan has had a real problem with them this year, but thats no real consolation when your kids toss something in the trash bin...and they get kamakazeed by 150 of the lil bastards.....which ofcourse means I had to man up..

My 1st move was to simply move the trash outside, simple yes? No trash, lil bastards would die off. So that plan failed as I noticed that a single lemon rind could breed 300 a day.....

My 2nd...and I think my most brilliant move........was to go old school. I took the bold step and decided bug spray was bad, my mom never used mom had a better was called.....Aqua Net...

My mom went through 5 cans of Aqua Net a week, cig in one hand and can in the other....we all bugs....surely.......this plan can not go wrong!!! I mean it's perfect........airborn glue sticking to their wings and your hair......they should and would drop like...well...flies!!

A trip to the store and some questions quickly led me to the realization that I could no longer buy Aquanet...and the 20 sumfin girl looked at me like I had clubbed a baby seal for even suggesting it. This was depressing.

I settled for a can of Suave, extra hold. Suave extra a hairspray that no only does not kill fruit flies, but gives them a natural gloss and shine. They seem to like it. Do not buy this hairspray to kill fruitflies!!!! They eat it!!!

I felt old....and grumpy when I admitted defeat, then went to ace hardware, bought a can of flying insect kill spray. My wife is still chuckling.........