Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dork Origins, again.

The scene:
1980 VW Rabbit, 2 door, thank you.
Four adults and a future Dork child, plus one full grown chocolate lab.
Two day trip from Northern California to Washington State.

The catch:
Three cassette tapes. Count 'em, THREE.
1) The soundtrack from the movie "The Sting"
2) Beach Boys Greatest Hits or something...
3) The 1812 Overture with Live (!) Cannons.

It's raining, and the dog has gas. My father is convinced he'll find a great radio station if he just keeps searching. and searching. Father also convinced that we can save money on hotels by just driving in shifts through the night. By three a.m. my reserved, dignified mother is punchy as hell and begins the lifelong odyssey known as Tongue-ducting. Can you picture it? Yes, it is exactly what you're thinking.
The 1812 Overture, conducted with our tongues.

The rest of the trip, whenever the dog would stop farting, we would tongue-duct. We were giving my brother's best friend's girlfriend a ride to Portland to see him, and I am sure she was never so happy to escape a car ride.

But what a sight we would have made, barrelling up I-5.

Good Times.


crse said...

That is a beautiful story. Where were you in this picture? I love the idea that we all post our dork origins. I will post my pinto story next week!

Anonymous said...

Dogs don't actually fart -they just kinda leak gas...

Factor 10 said...

Mutley, that is strangely true.
They were of the silent but deadly variety. I don't think I can stress the "deadly" enough, when you cannot unroll the windows in a small small car.

CRSE, I was wedged in between in the back seat as a middle schooler.

Mert said...

HAHAHA! Gotta love the dog farts! I have a kitten that farts, she makes noise y'all! I always die laughing, I think she has IBS.

I've told so many dork stories on my blog I'm not sure if I have anymore.Past stories I mean... I'm sure I have some just around the corner.