Sunday, March 11, 2007

Kitchen Dorksasters vol 2

(Following my muppet theme)
Feel free to chime in here, guys!

I bake. I enjoy baking and baked goods. My scale tells me I should lay off on the baked goods. But baked is better than fried, right?

My first solo baking job was chocolate cupcakes. I was very proud of them, but man, were they wierd. And hey, why were those eggs sitting on the counter? What did I get those out fo-- oh. Well, I'll just frost them and no one will know. Hmmm...buttercream frosting--well, I have butter, and I have sugar, and--what do they mean confectioner's sugar? Sugar is sugar, man.
Yeah. Kinda gritty.

I think I was ten? Can you say latchkey kid?

My girlfriend in high school had a very controlling Korean mother, and Lena was never allowed in the kitchen. When her parents went away for the weekend, Lena's big rebellion was that she was going to bake a batch of cookies. She decided on snickerdoodles, and was fine until she got to the cream of tartaar. She couldn't find anything that said cream of tartar, but she did find something creamy that SAID tartar. Tartar Sauce. ack.

*Can I say that my typos almost make them BETTER posts, but I don't want you guys to think I spell that badly!


Ash said...

I don't cook, mainly because I know there would be accidents and bad tasting food.

crse said...

I realized i dont have just one spectacular dorksaster. Im going to do a TT about them all. Thank god you are keeping us moving forward. Im sorry for suckings so badly

Mert said...

Crse, I am like you... I have a few more. OK, maybe not 13.... or do I?:P

Jen, at least the muffins were low cholesterol, right?