Monday, March 19, 2007

Friday the Dorkteenth banners

*See Factor 10's info for the contest below please*

I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty excited about Friday the Dorkteenth. The Grand Dork Mistress, Factor 10 asked me to make a banner from an awesome pic she found. Factor 10's idea was that if we have a classy banner, more people will want to participate. Here they are, please be sure to post one on your blog when inviting others to join in with Friday the Dorkteenth . (I plan to totally pimp Dorkteenth on my blog with a banner, quoting the rules, and linking back here.) Let me know if they are too HUGE for your blog and I will resize them (or you can edit the size in the html mode, see below).biggrin

Just right click and "save as" a banner you like. There are more to choose from here and here, but the one above is the one that Factor 10 really liked.

I really like these too!

If you would like something different to post on your blog when Friday the Dorkteenth rolls around, you can find some Space ball banners here.

The page you will see is thumbnails so to save one in it's original larger size, please click on the thumbnail then
right click/save as.

Also, when uploading to your blog, the image might be automatically resized by your blog. You can edit the size of the banner in the "edit html" tab of your post. In html mode, look for width:400px.

Change 400px to 550px for the banners with the shadow, and from 400px to 516px for the banners without the shadow. That way the banner is showing up in it's true size and it wont look weird.

Also, I made Dork Blogger Space ball buttons for your side bar, you can get them here.


Factor 10 said...

Mert, you are the mack daddy (mommy?) of blog bling. You have to say those together really fast. Blogbliiiing!
Sorry, dorkin' out for a minute.
Those are AWESOME!!!!!!

Factor 10 said...

**And I cannot take credit for the awesome shoe--it was another gift from the Slack**

Mert said...

Cool, glad you like 'em!:D

crse said...

woooo weeeeee! I wish I had a stickynote feature. I may have to go to wordpress just to celebrate the dorkteenth!

RockDog said...

By the powers of Dork Skull, I have been summonsed to shed my "Fonzie" like coolness for one day.

CRSE promised a cozy green room with a view...and some wicked good pizza. ;) LOL!

She has convinced me to post a dorky moment on my blog in honor of your sacred day.

Have a good weekend :D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

ok, cool... i just added up tons of new emo backgrounds in my blog