Sunday, March 18, 2007

Start your Dork Engines!

IT's coming...

A little competitive Dork Off.

Start thinking of your dorkiest moment (yes, you have to choose ONE).

The biggest Dorkfessional Friday happens on

There will be fierce competition.
There will be stories galore.
There will be prizes.
There will be dork glory.

Start prepping your loyal readers now, because they will be able to vote for you, and bring you to greater dorky heights!

Friday, April 13th.

Get your Dork on.


Ash said...

wait, can I post it on saturday instead, because seriously, I don't leave the house on friday the 13th. EVER. Bad things happen to me. bad things badddddddddddddddddddd things. bad bad bad.

Horrifingly bad things. bad things like accidentally picking up the phone with my superior and telling him all about how horrifying my period was,GORE AND ALL, thinking I had clicked off with him and was back on with my friend.

Bad things. BAD.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

HAHAHA...Ash cracks me up!

Kathi said...

Woo Hoo! Can't wait:) (and I'm already 'pimping it out',lol.)
I think my problem is going to be deciding Which dork experience is the dorkiest?
The list is so long:)

Factor 10 said...

Never fear, Ash! We'll open it early, to prevent dork-type mishaps like smoking hard drives and stresses on the western power grid as everyone rushes to get their posts entered...was that wishful thinking?

Maggie said...

Mert Did such a good job on the banners. I had to post. So here I am joining in. Oh boy It's going to be hard to just give you a sampling of my dorkiness.

ZigZagMan said...

Count me in......I've been recently rediscovering my inner dork,,,,,,,,and it bored...:)

Stealth said...

i wanna play, but I think I already do... :-D