Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Virtual Prom , baby!

Hey y'all... I don't know if you saw my post over at ASP, but my blogging bud Karianne is having a Birthday prom to raise money for the adoption agency she got her son Becken from. I encourage Karianne to make a donate button through Paypal, and I got a Virtual Prom ticket by donating!

Anywhoo, Our Grand Dork Mistress Factor 10 came up the awesome idea:

Seriously. I love that notion, Maybe we can put up our favorite faux prom dress pics? This is what I would wear as the dork at the prom kind of thing?

OR, I was thinking, we could also post our own prom faux pas! :D Anyone game?

Ok, here is my dorky prom picture, and the story (dorksaster) behind it's dorkiness:
click to enlarge :/
This is prom date from hell numero dos, from my senior year.

This dress is the dress I wore the year before , to another person's prom. It was used, my mother bought it at a used dress shop. The first time I wore it, the guy didn't even really know me and I was a junior. He didn't have a date, so he started talking to me one day. A few days later he asked me to Prom, a week and a half before the dance. I didn't want to hurt his feelings, so I went and it was horrible. At dinner, the sever basically threw my prime rib dinner on the table, getting red, meaty juice all over the front of my used white dress.

All night he kept trying to vice grip me while dancing, and kept trying to press himself against me. I was a lot stronger than he thought... I got irritated and danced with a friend. He and his friends were mad at me for dancing with someone else, so they took my purse and held it over a candle. Nice. The whole way home, I argued with a guy I barely knew. Later, his mother called my mother and said I owed for my half of the dance tickets since I bailed on her son. My mother tried to make me pay, but I refused and told her what happened, that basically this guy thought I was a piece of meat because he "allowed me to go to prom with him" (I was nice enough to go with him at the last minute).

The next year I was a senior. I had broken up with my best friend/ boy friend because I was confused about my feelings for him, since we were friends for a long time before we dated. Anyway, I didn't have or want a date, and decided I wasn't going. My mother called a friend and boohoo'd that I didn't have a date, and my mother and this lady set me up with her son, who was 6 yrs older than me... that I kind of knew because he was a friend of the family, but not really.

I was humiliated and "wasn't allowed to refuse his offer to take me since he was going through all the trouble to take me". I showed up in his beat up Nova or Duster, in the same dress, complete with just barely hidden meat juice stains on the front because my mother was too cheap to buy a new dress for a prom I didn't want to go to.... and the night was pretty much like the first time I wore the dress. He was grabby, I was angry. He tried to get me to sit closer to him on the way home, and when I didn't he reached across me and grabbed a bottle of booze out of the glove compartment. That dress was cursed I tell you! I wish I knew the story behind who wore it the first time, I'm sure it's not pretty. BTW, who in their right mind wears a borderline wedding dress-ish dress to their prom?

Ahhh... good times! Had I gone with someone I wanted to go with, and with a new dress, I imagine my dress would have looked like this one (keep in mind it was 1987, PLEASE!), except with bigger , puffier sleeves:
Click it to enlarge


So who else has the guts to post a faux prom dress pic? :D OR A REAL ONE? Heehee!

Please donate to Karianne's fund raiser if you can, and buy yourself some virtual prom tickets. Again, you can read about her journey to find love here and here and her idea for a Birthday Prom to raise money.


Karianne said...

Please don't think less of me, but I think that prom dress is really pretty. That is what a prom dress is supposed to look like. While I was trying to find my dress for next weekend, I was shocked at the dresses now. I'm getting old, I guess, but they were pretty slinky. Give me a full skirt anyday!

crse said...

aw mert! I love the fact that you were stronger than the guy. Im sorry your proms sucked! But as karianne is proving, its never too late! I have to find a picture of the long sleeved full length peach bridesmaid dress with full skirt that my sil (Who i actually ADORE) made me wear for her wedding.

maggie said...

Don't burn the bra. Burn the Dress!!!

and the only way at our school to be prom queen was to wear a white dress like that. So a tattooed drunken s -lut was the only one to "qualify" so that is who became our prom queen.

Jill said...

Oh my! I just saw this post. I wore that exact dress -- in bright red -- as a bridesmaid in my step-brother's wedding!!

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My Bambino said...

Great Post.....

I found your site on stumbleupon and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

Thanks for sharing....

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