Friday, April 6, 2007

The time has come to GET YOUR DORK ON! ***New poll above this post***

***Mert edit*** Due to some sort freaky dork-eaky poll mishaps, we have to start the poll over... We are sorry for the inconvenience. You will find a new poll and the edited rules above, click here. We thank you for your patience, not to worry- some lucky dork will win this thing... now go vote again! Scoot! :D ***

I realize I'm a week early, but there is Dorkxiety and stress about getting the posts up and the whole cursed day of doom thing.

Plus perhaps reading other people's tales of Dorkdom will inspire our reluctant Blogging friends.

Four simple rules, really.

1. Write a post on your blog, or provide a link to your dorkiest moment, if it has been previously blogged.

2. Top it with the fabulous Banners designed by Mert, or include a link to this post.

3. Enter your name and link in the linky box provided.

4. Go read other people's Dorkfessions, and vote anytime during the week of April 14-21.

The winner of the popular vote will get a $20 giftcard, and the custom winner button designed by Mert (the winner will get a button without the MERT watermark, of course.). And possibly some cheesy Dorkbloggers swag. Begging friends and family memebers to vote for you is encouraged.

Here are the entries:
1. Jen Factor 10
2. gretty
3. Kathi
4. Carrie Parker
5. Ash
6. Kellyology, a.k.a. Queen of Dork
7. Amy
8. amy
9. Maggie
10. Sports Princess
11. ZigZagMan
12. Crse
13. Jackie Wood (AuntJackie)
14. Miss Understood
15. rn_buffoon
16. RockDog
17. Michelle
18. Pippajo
19. Jill
20. winterskiprincess
21. middleagedprincess
22. Frank Sirmarco
23. mannerlymutts
24. Andrea
25. Cynthia
26. Jill of all Trades


gretty said...

My entry is up. I feel a huge weight has been lifted...

Kathi said...

Um...this might be a dorky question(lol,so I'm in the right place,I guess:)
How exactly do people vote,then?

And Happy Easter! from a fellow Dork:)

Kathi said...

And, on further re-reading....MARCH 14-21?????

Kathi said... post is up now,too:)

Anonymous said...

I've posted mine!

Anonymous said...

I'm such a dork I entered twice.


ZigZagMan said...

I'm in and will be up tomorrow goofs.

ZigZagMan said...

I'm with does one vote?

Aunt Jackie said...

I'm confused on how to vote too, but I do have mine up... Have a happy Friday the Dorkteenth!

Miss Understood said...

Mine's up to. But how do I vote?

Kitty said...


If this is where you vote then I vote for Miss U.

RockDog said...

I've posted my tale.

Enjoy! do we vote? ;)

Ash said...

I didn't get my pictures scanned. I'm not dork, just merely loser-ish, and have severe case of "I forgots"


I am still up and will have those pictures up this weekend. Dangnabbit!

Mert said...

I'm not entering the contest, just the fun.;) I made a truly delicious dorkfession at ASP. I can't wait to read all the entries, though!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

My entry is up...I did a few quick little stories since I couldn't narrow it down to one moment in my dorky life!

Pippajo said...

Okay, my story is up. Finally. Thank goodness that's over.

Jill said...

May the best dork win!!

winterskibunny said...

Just about to post a dorky moment that I remembered after reading crse's list. However, I am not providing thirteen as I really don't log that many dorky moments.


winterskibunny said...

This is my "other" identity of middle aged princess.

So I guess you can get a dork moment two, sigh.

Frank Sirmarco said...

It's nice to see so many dorks in one place. Excelsior!

winterskibunny said...

I am the other personality of both winterskiprincess and middle aged princess LOL. This is the professional business blog, but hey, who says you can't tell about business dorky moments.

So that's three dork moments from me betwixt my blogs LOL. The others I need to save up.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I'm up now...

Cherrie said...

Miss U. really isn't a dork, but the out of character story she entered has to top anyone else's!

Cynthia said...

Well, I was late, but better late than never!

Aunt Jackie said...

Guys I feel a little stupid, but How do you "Submit" the poll?? I can see it, I can select but I can't send it through?? Is anyone else having trouble?

Kelly said...

I can't click on the poll at all or submit. Perhaps we are too many dorks trying at once?lol

ZigZagMan said...

I also can't seem to vote...Mert..are you messing with us??? :)

Kathi said...

I can't submit the poll, either,lol.
But, if you read the rules? We're supposed to vote the week of MARCH 14-21....anyone know how to time travel backwards?
(and maybe that's why the poll doesn't work?)

ZigZagMan said...

No adult/R-rated blogs....should I remove myself from this contest? :(

Mrs.ZigZagMan said...

I am a little frustrated. The voting thingy kept moving my vote around I still am not sure I got the person I wanted. And although clarifications are great, no where till today did it exclude adult/ R type content.

Factor 10 said...

Hi guys!
Thank you all for playing, sorry about any confusion!
It's not a ban on all adult content per se, but a linky went up to a rather adult site that had no dorkteenth entry whatsoever. We're all adults here, and I have no problem with what you put onto your own blogs. Having said that, I feel pretty safe accessing dorbloggers from work, and ZigZag (and Mrs. Z) you guys are pretty clear about when something is NSFW. It was a bit of a shock to be greeted by pictures that could get me fired had I followed that link at work, and then sifting through the content only to realize that there was, in fact, no entry there. I removed that link, and just didn't want that person to wonder where it went.
If you have a legitimate entry with an adult theme, please warn us if we are going to be greeted by photos.

Mert said...

Sorry, I was shocked by seeing "nookie in progress" on the blog in question. I agree, It's not my business what another person puts on their blog, and I am no prude. I would appreciated a heads up though. No pun intended.;)

No hard feelings , I hope.

As far as the poll, if you think you vote may not be going through, click the bottom of the poll that says "view results".

Find the person you want to vote for and look for the current vote count.

Click "return to poll" then make your vote. All you have to do is "view results" again to make sure your vote registered.

ZigZagMan said...

Admins of Dorkbloggers.....goofs aside....I completely agree....a lil warning is appropriate..:)

Most of us in the perv/dork camp try to do this......granted not all..:)

We love our friends in the perv camp...and know they are perv''s well...expected, but when venturing other camps, some decorum..:)

glad to see the voting box is working now...:)

Mert said...

Glad there is no hard feelings. My overreaction yesterday confirms that I am a dork.;)

I think we all have a bit of perv in us, I just don't tell anyone. ;)

ZigZagMan said...

47 to 202 in 15 minutes????? WOW!!

ZigZagMan said...

Mert...not only no hard feelings...but chuckles as well...:)

As for the perv thing....have you read my wifes blog?? It's ummm no secret we are pervs.....fiendly and not creepy ones....but yes....pervs we be..:)

ZigZagMan said...

sh*t....I meant friendly...not fiendly.......hrrm :)

winterskibunny said...

Holy Crap, I thought the Zigman was my only competition, but Deep Woods has put us all to shame:(

What other boards can I appeal to? Hmmmmmmm.......

ZigZagMan said...

Just my opinion......but if she can get over 400 peeps to to stand up and advocate she's a just a few matter how she got them, she probably deserves he title...:)

Mert said...

feindly *SNORT* That was perfect Zig. Maybe I will check out your wife's blog! Hi, Mrs. Zig!

Yes, we are concerned with the amount of votes- despite the lack of actual proof on Site Meter - and are currently talking about the situation.

crse said...

see, i think that deep in the forest might be queen too because if you go to her blog she is a little freaked by someone AIing her as she put it!

winterskibunny said...

I tried a sympathy bid too, saying on my blogs that I had only won one contest before.

I thought it was working this morning LOL. Should I be upset that my friends won't keep voting that I am a dork? Or should I let my dorkiness start to fly.

Perhaps that is a norm question LOL.

I must admit everyone pretty much beat me out with the story. I shamelessly spam mailed out a request, and thought I had you all beat. Should have know the true dorks would rise to the top. Sigh.

winterskibunny said...

Crse what is Aling? I didn't see anything posted on her blog about that?

winterskibunny said...

OMG, what happened to the poll?

Eeks, it's gone missing.

Mert said...

We are having problems with the poll, a new one will be up shortly ;)

AuntJackie said...

Just wanted to get votes fairly--"AIing" she means "American Idoling" me like totally voting multiple times for your favorite... That's what I meant.

I am very appreciative of those who have voted for me too, everyone's posts were great!

winterskibunny said...

Okay, shameless promotion to this list. Who else can say the only other thing they ever won was thrown out by their loving husband?

Don't vote for yourselves vote for me.

And zigman, I liked your post the best, but you were too much competition to get my vote now (G).

Unless, is it prince AND princess?

Oh well, I am a princess anyway;)

Anonymous said...

I hope I still qualify for voting purposes! I totally forgot all about it on Friday! So, my dorkiest moment is up, and it's pretty recent.

Hello, all my fellow Dorks! I shall get to reading everyone's moments right away!!!

ZigZagMan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
crse said...

mouse im so sorry you missed the deadline but fortunately, we are planning an improved contest in july just post by the 13th and you will be golden!