Tuesday, April 17, 2007

dork counts

Hey folks, Im sorry for the alarm about your counts being back to zero. I thought I explained it in the one post, but looking back, I realized I wrote that in an aborted draft. Here is the deal. For you to be able to vote every day, we have to shut the poll down and create a new poll. Otherwise, you only get to vote one time all week. Mert experimented with this at length to find a better way, but this is all we could come up with. What I will try to do tonight when I make the new poll is to post everyone's total vote count for the past two days next to their blognames. I completely apologize for the confusion. But before you string me up? Remember where you are. What would dorkbloggers be if the folks that ran the site were not dorks?


Kathi said...

LOL.....my point exactly. to my family and friends when they kept saying "what is going on with this poll?"
I'd say "what did you expect from a dork contest?"

Mrs.ZigZagMan said...

I believe it clearly stated in the "and we are back" post that the polls would reset daily.

crse said...

mrs. zig, you rock. thanks for the support. Kathi thanks for hanging in there