Friday, April 27, 2007

I dork, therefore I am.

This is me as a little baby 'tween dork, ain't I cute?

I don't know if you guys have heard about the Blogger's Choice Awards, but they have all sorts of categories... EXCEPT Best Dork Blog/Blogger.

There is something seriously wrong in the world when they don't recognize dorks but have a category for Best Geek Blog. ;)

Anywhoo, I emailed the nice folks at the BCA:

I am one of many who are dorks, and a blogger, and belong to a blog called Dork Bloggers.

Will you include a Dorkiest blog/blogger in the future? I have a few friends who would nominate me for sure. :D

Thanks, Mary mert
Almost Somewhat Positive
I was very pleased and surprised that I received a response the very same day!
Hello, Mary! Thanks for getting in touch with us here at Blogger's Choice Awards. We certainly appreciate the input!

Hmmm, "Best Dork Blog." That's an interesting one! I think we're pretty much locked-and-loaded for this year, but I'll definitely keep this one in mind for next year, if we get demand for it! (If we keep adding new blogs everyday we'll have a 5-hour awards show at PostieCon! Ha ha!)

Again, thanks for the feedback! Have a great weekend!


Ashley K. Edwards
Blogger's Choice Awards
So, if you are interested in the BCA's having a Dork category for next year, please email them at
info(at)bloggerschoiceawards dot com.

Come on, who's with me? I know someone who just won a little contest that could have a lot of people emailing. *coughZIGcough* ;) No pressure, though. :D


Mert said...

No one? *Sniff*:(

ZigZagMan said...

As you crown prince...I must make this a mission........I summon my wife for arm twisting and we'll get it done!! :)

Mert said...

Thanks Zig and Mrs. Zig. :D

Anonymous said...

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