Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Fashion Dorksaster vol 2

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Cutting Edge fashion Statement?


Damned Fool wearing the equivalent of the emperor's new necklace?

IF you cannot read the fine print in the corner, this stunning Yves Saint Laurent necklace is priced at $1165.00. No, I didn't stutter. Not only was this necklace made, but someone actually put a twelve hundred dollar price tag on it with a straight face. Did you ever see the episode of Lucy where Fred and Ricky trick the girls into wearing burlap sacks as the latest Paris fashions? Just wondering...


Mert said...

There is this argument that fashion is art... I'm on the fence about it.

That necklace is hideous!:D

Pippajo said...

I must be completely tasteless because 98% of what is called haute couture looks like absolute crap to me, this necklace included. I've always wondered, what would I do if I ever became dazzingly rich and famous? Would I still be able to shop at Kohl's and Burlington Coat Factory? Would I cave and wear something ridiculous to my first awards show? It has really kept me up some nights.

But, back to the main point, yes, that "necklace" looks horrible. I actually thought it was some kind of at-home hot stone therapy device.

Imagine the chafing.

gretty said...

Damn - I paid $2100 for mine!