Wednesday, May 2, 2007

On Dorkiness and kitchen fires...:)

Fire.....not always the dorks best friend........but lets admit it...pretty fun to watch though eh? :)

This post is inspired by events that happend last night. The odd event that will forever be the "Kitchen Fire".

Now friends, don't over react, the Zig household is no stranger to kitchen fires....infact, we've gotten pretty good at them....practice makes perfect and all..:)

Last night was different...things were mello....lovely wife and I were yakking, she decides to warm up some left over chicken. I love my wife...really I do, but she refuses to use the microwave for these types of things. Her stance...microwave makes it soggy....I didn't buy soggy fried chicken...granted she has a point.

So the chicken is in the oven.....and then the smell of smoke, Agrah runs into the kitchen and I hear..."ZIG!". This is never a good signal. Quick run to the kitchen, open the oven.....we are running a chicken creamatorium. My best edited version of what I said...WOW!! Thats a F***ing lot of flames......then I closed the oven door.

See....this is when I thought I was being sly, thinking the flames would get bored and run out of air...etc. I'm a this under control. I was wrong!! :)

I got curious...opened the oven door, which gave it more air, and *WOOF*...we still had chicken creamation in progress....this is when I decided to man up and do super cool man in control stuff.

I run to the fireplace and grab my super heat of steel mill foundry mit (rated at 600f) and open the stove....wife is holding the front door open by now and daughter is asking things like "mommy.....whats that smell", from her room.

I proudly walk through the dining room bearing a cookie sheet full of flaming chicken out the front door, to the sidewalk....and sigh. Keep in mind, I'm in PJ shirt...and a steel mill iron workers mit..

I think we scare our nieghbors.....the lovely wife wasn't hungry after still smells like smoke....:)


Factor 10 said...

Hooray for opening the oven door too soon! I'm glad it's not just me!

Mert said...

Ahhh, see? I knew we were kindred spirits! Did you ever read my bacon grilling post? Too bad you guys didn't roast marshmallows!:D

Pippajo said...

Yes, I did this too, only I (lacking both the courage and the asbestos oven mitt) was too timid to grab the flaming pan from the oven and just sprayed everything with the fire extinguisher. It was quite the royal mess, but isn't that why we keep an extinguisher in the kitchen in the first place? Besides, it works on The Sims.

Make your peace with that delightful smoky smell. It's not going anywhere for a while.

ZigZagMan said...

What is this magical extinguisher?? :)

ZigZagMan said... day I'll see if I can get the lovely wife to share her grilling involved flame...alot of flame..:)

Factor 10, no's not just you....not by a long shot....:)

Mrs.ZigZagMan said...

Ok I have had my grilling disasters but bacon grilling? now even I wont attempt that. In my defence the notorious fire inducing oven only has two settings... ON and OFF. no temp controll. SO if you put something in it and turn it on... it just gets hotter and hotter and hotter. Zig insists "you just need to learn to work with it". mmmmm hhhhhmmmm. Yes. Because he does so well. Cant we just get a real oven? hey. quit snickering. I used to be able to cook.

Mert said...

Pippa... start many Sim fires on purpose? I have removed a few pool ladders in my day. ;)

ZigZagMan said...

Thermostats are for wussies.....:)

Mert said...

Mrs. Zig... I wish my oven didn't have a thermostat... then at least i would have an excuse for not cooking. :D

I know, grilling bacon, not one of my prouder moments. When I first announced that I was asked to be a grand dork here, this post sealed the deal. A lot of people told me there was no doubt that I was indeed a Grand Dork. *sniff* It makes a dork proud to know that you can post your most embarrassing moments and others congratulate you on your dorkdom. ;)

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Well, I can relate!! One time we had a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store and didn't read the directions or think for half a second to realize we shouldn't put the plastic holder in the oven! The smell was horrid and when I was on the phone with my mom she felt the need to remind me not to eat it because of the plastic like contaminating the chicken.