Friday, May 18, 2007

Dorky Friday.......

Is it wrong to not just ponder...but actively partake in mischief??? Time I guess will tell:)

Being both Dork, geek, and perv....not to mention bad at math via this sentence, I had a mischievous dork moment today.

The geek in me is attempting to hardwire an old stereo preamp and turntable to my pc...we have alot of old records we want to digitize. I was all cool and proud of myself for killing time while out of town for hitting up the local radio crap store to buy the proper cables...yak with the sales clerk...and hit the road home.

I'm about an hour into my return trip and dork moment hit me, I had bought the wrong ass cables!! Granted they were proper on paper...that they were rca one end...1/8 inch stereo the other......but the damn things were RCA male.......grrr. What to do.....what to do...hey..there's an ABC Warehouse......lets go peek!!!

Sure enough..they had the female to female rca adapters I needed...and cheap too. I can sneak outta here for less than $4 bucks....thats cheaper and less funny than toilet paper stuck to your shoe...this is a good day!

Then as the pretty young gal is ringing up my purchase while we comes...the spanish inquisition..aka...fbi profile moment. "First Name?" ( hate this crap.....always followed by zip code and phone you don't need to have to sell me $4 dollars worth of anything!! )

I did the only thing that seemed proper my mood at the time. I gave the name, zipcode and direct phone number of the boss that let me go this feb. I'm sure he'll enjoy the special offers coming his way soon!! :)


Factor 10 said...

"...both Dork, geek, and perv....not to mention bad at math via this sentence"

How much of a dork am I that I had to read that a few times before it dawned on me...

Actually, I think it would be perfectly appropriate to enter his name once or twice (a day) to win that car at the know, the one they call you about like forty times, to listen to their timeshare spiel? (My son, being the dork savant child of 2 dorky parents, began filling out those forms furiously one day, in hopes of winning us a new car. Those phone calls went on for months.)

ZigZagMan said...

factor 10......thats a pretty good idea.......hrrm....:)

Mert said...

I signed my FIL's ex (lying cheating, thieving)GF up for porn sites and sex toy catalogs after he passed away.

My SIL and BIL thought it was funny... my hubs didn't. He was more uncomfortable with me visiting porn sites than the actual signing her up I think, LOL!