Saturday, May 12, 2007

A rather disturbing post.....not for the squeamish...:)

So I wake up bright and early to pick up some hours at a brand new job. It's part time, it's grunt work....but hell it's work, and it gets me off my ass. To tell ya the truth, I've been dreading this job. Not because of the work, but because I know most of these guys...and well, long story...but my stomach was churning.

Mistake one.....gorging on Pizza the night before.

Mistake two.....Gulping down a 16oz of cherry juice before leaving.

Mistake three...Mistaking the churning in my stomach for a need to sip my coffee while driving to the new job.

As I'm wiping the vomit off the dashboard with an old flannel shirt, pondering the texture and pretty colours, it occours to me to call the shop.

So I was late my 1st day, they were actually amused.....and I'm now very suspect of cherry juice!! :)


Mert said...

Oh, you poor dork, I'd be suspect of cherry juice too!

I bet you wont be wanting pizza for a while.

ZigZagMan said...

cherry!! :)

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

EWWW! Tasty!!

Bunny said...

Ya know, there's something going around here in the Great Lakes. My own precious boy (age 6) puked all over himself yesterday and a local school had to close down because so many people had the bug. Might be that and not the pizza, cherry juice, and coffee. Frankly, with the cherry juice and coffee,I thought this was gonna end in diarrhea ("dire rear," as it's known in our house.

Factor 10 said...

Something always happens the first week of a new job, or the last week of school. Never fails for me.

Glad they took it well!