Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thursday 13 #1--Signs that you need a Button!

13 signs you might need a DorkBloggers button:

1) If you've ever had to go coatless in the winter because every time you put your winter coat on you couldnt figure out how to get the sleeve back in the arm without flailing around like a restrained mental patient .

2) If you've ever had to explain damage to anything using the phrase "the puddle of coffee in my car."

3) If your friends use your name as a verb or action word: as in- you've pulled a jen or you've been crse'd.

4) If you've somehow created complicated avoidant relationships with everyday service providers like the mail carrier or the guy who runs the drive thru at the pharmacy.

5) If you've ever stopped a line or the flow of traffic due to some sort of awkward behavior on your part (this can be anything from dropping the milk in the grocery store to finding yourself having to go back and overexplain to a cashier why you accidentally told them you loved them after making small talk during your transaction)

6) If you've ever had to dry off or scrape off a bill, check or credit card before using it again.

7) If you've ever had someone come up to you and say, "I saw your car door hanging open in the parking lot, I was going to shut it but then I realized it was your car and god knows what you have going on in there so I didn't want to touch it before I told you."

8) If friends, co-workers and or loved ones cringe when you put your stuff near theirs because they are afraid you will spread your disorder to them.

9) If you've ever accidentally harmed yourself, set a fire, created flooding, or glued yourself to something because of a bad decision.

10)If you've ever created non work related spreadsheets, graphs or charts to prove a point about something.

11) If you've ever had a conversation during which you gradually develop the sinking feeling that youve somehow completely inadvertantly made a pass at the person and there is no way to undo it. (this is especially bad when it happens with someone like an elderly woman or your insurance agent)

12) If you've ever purchased something you did not need, solely because you like the packaging

13) If you've had to comment on the comment you just posted.

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Caryle said...

When my friends and I ask each other goofy questions like "Tell us three words your friends would use to describe you", one of the words is almost always dork. :)

I've done that coat/arm-flailing thing. It's no fun. LOL!

Rashenbo said...


Sources say using charts and spreadsheets during regular conversations is good for Whirled Peas. I tend to draw little maps and diagrams... and yes, I've made charts before....

I love #7 - hehehehehhe

Rashenbo said...

And yes, I've made comments on my own comments, damn the inability to edit your own comments! :)

Rose said...

I'm so glad I'm not a dork. lol

scribbit said...

Dork is one of those all-around descriptive terms that is just so useful. Kind of like "d'uh." It may not be in teh dictionary but it should be.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Man, that's good.

I'm definitely going to have to stop back here more often!

Happy TT!

Ash said...

It's really called pulling an Ash.
As in, did you see that? That dork just pulled an Ash. It usually refers to tripping over my own two feet, tripping over my five year old, thinking that squeezing a zit two hours before my wedding was a good idea or wearing a skirt to go bowling. See also: Teen pregnancy, bad exes, bad driving, & Liquor.

Anonymous said...

Graphs, charts and

Graphics...yes. Does that make me a dork or not? LOL!

BeckyD said...

Uh, how about "If you've ever done something really stupid and thought to yourself (or even out loud) this would make such a great blog post, but I'll say my friend did it."

Great list, great blog!

Christie said...

hahah! #5 cracks me up. i've accidentally said "I love you" to random people when hanging up the phone because it's habit with my family. yikes! i've done more than half of these actually and i think i may need a button.

Amy said...

So what if I've done 9 out of 13! That doesn't mean I'm a dork, does it?

Amy said...

Okay, I promise this was NOT on purpose...I swear! I didn't type in my web page correctly! Oops!

laurie_pooh said...

I guess I qualify-- my family and friends use "pulling a Laurie" almost daily. :\

bananas62 said...

one more sign... after many failed attempts... you still can't put the "dork botton" on your blog... yes, Indeed a dork!!!!

Pippajo said...

I just finished my TT list and realized how dorky it is.

Dorkin' out about my kitchen! That's me!

In reference to #4, does it count if you've made a daily game out of seeing if you can run out to get the mail wearing your pajamas/bathrobe and towel turban/tablecloth and Uggs and make it back to the safety of the house without getting caught?

Or how about repeatedly dropping your purse and spilling its contents all over the place in the waiting room at the doctor's office? Like 3 times.

Also, I almost blinded myself the other night by putting super glue on my finger on purpose, and then, mere moments later, forgetting I had put super glue on my finger on purpose, sticking the very same finger in my eye to take my contact lens out. The lens saved my cornea. I am not kidding. But I am a dork.

Crystal said...

Funny T13 list! I love your blog. I think I'm a wannabe dork. ;oP

Canada said...

Did you see? I got my button!

Andrea said...

Ok, I'm a dork. Damn it!