Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Stay tuned!

Jen and I are feverishly working on developing ideas to make this more than just a badge or button. We want this to be your own personal dorkhaven. Some stuff we have come up with includes celebridorks (Jen's phrase LOVE IT) Dorks in History. Dorky moments in time. And spots where we can maybe have you folks participate in a featured dork of the week? Or top dorky moments? Or perhaps even dorkfessions? Feedback folks! UNITED WE STAND er fumble with our belongings tripping on ourselves and knocking things over.....


Kathi said...

Oh my gosh...I think I have found my spiritual blog home,rofl. I am a member of the Wednesday Hero blogroll,also, but I am first and foremost a dork. (and one of my sisters is,too...I will send her your link:)
I don't specifically dork blog, but a lot of my dorky moments make it onto my troop support blog...check out my post about how I fell out the door while waving goodbye to the boyfriend's son, as he left for the Army. Does that qualify me? how do I join?
(and what if dorky AOL won't let me post the button?:)

crse said...

OH MY GOSH WELCOME SOUL SISTER! We started this blog for people like you (well people like us) who blog about other things but have those dorky moments in. Consider yourself joined! We are still working out kinks but if you run into trouble with the button, come back and leave a comment and we will help you! (Also add yourself to the "too lazy to make a blogroll linky ok?)