Sunday, January 28, 2007

Can I get a witness?

You know, online, you can claim to be anyone you want. People often do.

Bambi469, who enjoys spankings and pink champagne? She's the cross-eyed kid from walgreens who sold you wart cream last week.
DonJuan4U, who enjoys long walks on the beach and working as a personal trainer to the stars? He's scratching his beer belly, adjusting his astrological medallions and splashing on a little more wild badger musk, before he makes his run to 7-11 to troll for chicks.

I looked at the blogging collectives, but I could never find one that didn't feel like false advertising. There are lots of mama based blogrolls. I am a mama. But I am more than a mama, and quite frankly, not cool enough to claim membership to some of these. They blog with an air of urbane sophistication, and polished wit that I cannot begin to fathom. There are faith based collectives, or techno-babble societies...again, I am out of the loop.

I could join, and pretend, but I'd forever be afraid of being cast out, having my button revoked, and revealed as an imposter. Quite frankly, I started blogging as an outlet, and if I have to fake it here, too, then I've defeated the whole purpose.

Dorkbloggers will never revoke your button. Because everyone has those dorky moments (okay, some more than others), we just declare it upfront. You don't have to be a total dork (although I am), you just have to be familiar with the thought process--it can go one of two ways:
1> I cannot believe I just did/said that, maybe no one will notice.
2> I cannot wait to tell (insert best friend's name here) that I did/said that. What a dork I am!

In case number one, you have yet to embrace your inner dork. It's time to let go and just roll with it!
In case number two, you've probably already blogged about it, may even have had a t-shirt made. You, my friend, need a dorkbloggers button.


crse said...

And that my friend, is the essence of dorkbloggers. A-men.

Factor 10 said...

Yeah, It was feelin' a little like a Sunday Sermon...

Crawlspace said...

Um, not to bring up the color thing again, but you seemed to make a lateral move with the color switch.

It's still dark on dark, which is hard to read.

I'd suggest a nice light color for the background with black text. Or else a dark background with white text, but if you do that it should be nearly black. And even then, a lot of people have issues reading white text on a black background.

And stay away from really bright text colors, like Yellow, or Magenta.

OK, I will leave again

crse said...

Jen I actually solicited this from crawlspace because i thought we might have this problem. He was worried he would offend us. I assured him that we are DORKS for god's sake. You cant really offend us! ANd feedback is awesome. But im afraid to do anything to the board. So tinker away le grand dorkiness!

bananas62 said...

Damn, I never thought about putting my real life up there on my blog site.. you know, ex playboy model, turned rocket scientist, turned "dork blogger" well, o.k. the last one is true, I am a dork!!!!