Monday, January 29, 2007

dorkbloggers kids....

Ok so far we have:
1. wee mullet (complete with wee failed rock band and wee drinking problem)
2. Monks gone wild (the friars got into the wine cellar and got a little crazy with the scissors)
3. Um...not to mock your kid but....
Feel free to vote on your favorite and stay tuned for big O's first coif.


Jennifer said...

you are making me laugh and remember. My first born was in intensive care at the hospital for 8 days. (actually all four of mine stayed, every time) anyways, they had to put the i.v. into her head, and shaved some of her hair. When it started growing back, she had the "dumb and dumber" look. I was horrified. Cut me some slack, she was my first born, I cared deeply about silly things like that. Later, I wouldn't have cared..
I had several people ask me if I had her hair cut that way on purpose. I looked daggers at them I am sure.
thanks for that trip down memory lane.

Ash said...

I'm driving straight up there and taking the scissors away from you!
Poor kid! Mean mommy!