Saturday, January 27, 2007

First Button!

The first Button, provided By the lovely Denise at Moodswing Creations, can be put on your blog using the following code:

$a href=""$$img src=""$$/a$

Just swap the $$$'s for <><><>.


Can be had by typing in this:

$a href=""$$img src=""$$/a$

You get the idea, now...

The graphic came from Cool Text--have you been there? Much fun...


crse said...


luckybuzz said...

Lovely! I feel cooler and dorkier at the same time.

Jennifer said...

oohh, my eyes are glazing over already...I don't think I can even put the button on my sidebar.
I will admit it here, because I feel safe with my fellow dorks, but I might have to hire Susie to put the button on my sidebar. It's sad, I know. If it involves more than copy and paste, I can't do it. Even then, I have been known to totally screw it up.
I will try later when I feel more daring, have something chocolatey, and it is so late I feel punch-drunk.

love ya, dorks

Jenny in Ca

Pippajo said...

The intensity and depth of my delight over this now-available button is clear proof of my qualifications, I think.

BUTTON! Another squee!

Cynthia said...

Ooooh, buttons. But I can't get them to work. Really. My dorkiness extends to even displaying my dorkiness.