Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Thursday 13 # 2 - Create custom images

13) An unnamed Dork has a crush on her Boss...

12) Adam Sandler.

11) Oliver Platt

10) Jesus (Oh, Gretty, I love ya so much for including the birthday cakes!)

9) Jean Luc Picard

8) More than one person espoused to certain blogging type individuals have confessed to an abiding affection for Betty White. tee hee.

7) William Fichtner (he was in Armageddon as the military guy, he was in the tv show Grace Under Fire, and he was the sherriff/police chief in the tv show Invasion)

6) Peter Jennings.

5) Al Gore.

4) Elvis Costello.

3)Sweet Tommy Brokaw.

2)Whoever invented the Sonicare toothbrush.

1) The number one Dork Crush seems to be Conan O'Brien. Conan may be the first Lovegod in the Dorkblogging Pantheon.

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Factor 10 said...

I hope these are all of the folks from the linky box before it imploded.
Susan Helene Gottfried

Mert said...

*sigh* My sweet Conan, oh how I dork-love thee! :O)

Betty White? WOW.

cooltopten said...

Dorks rule :)

Hope you can link to my dork domain :D

Pippajo said...

CONAN! CONAN! Okay, I've calmed down enough to say I bet Conan would be honored to find he had achieved Dorkblogging Pantheon Lovegod status. We should let him know.

Mert said...

Hey, how come my dorking name isn't in the dorking We are Dork list yet? Chop chop people!

Just kidding.

But really, put me in. Pweeese? :D

Jill said...

What a stellar list of dorkdom! We have good taste!

Raggedy said...

Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Colleen Gleason said...

Ooh, my dork (or geek) crush is on Niles Crane/David Hyde Pierce.

Although I do like Adam Sandler too. But he's not as much of a dork as Ben Stiller, whom I don't have a crush on.

Great list.

(I used to have a crush on an old boss, right out of college. His last name was Diffenbach--reminded me so much of the plant!)

Pen said...

LOL!! Cute list!

My TT on the color red (in honor of Valentine's day) is up!

Janet said...

11 and 9, oh yeah, baby!!!

ancsweetnsassygal said...

I love Oliver Platt in The Three Musketeers and A Time To Kill. And I don't care how old or how bald he is, Capt. Picard will always be sexy. I guess I'm a dork too. Great TT and happy Thursday.

bananas62 said...

I totally love william Fitchner! He used to play Rod Landry on AS THE WORLD TURNS... MY SOAP!!! I especially loved him on Grace under Fire.. Yes he does play a good dork!!! and he's cute too!

kim said...

wait... who else errr i mean who has a crush on their boss ?

crse said...

Dorkblogger reserves the right to protect the identity of all dorkblogger crushes (hehehe) This ranges from bosses to betty white!!! Just boss is a woman. Nuff said....

Canada said...

oh oh oh, I can't believe I forgot David Hyde Pierce!!!!!

Pippajo said...

I can't belive I forgot BOTH Patrick Stewart AND David Hyde Pierce. But Conan does beat them both. So much for my identity being protected, huh?

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I've not only crushed on Elvis Costello I've been hugged and kissed by him. I think my crush on "Fish" counts too!

Jill said...

The one that I prefer in your crush is Adam Sandler!! That guy is funny!!

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