Thursday, February 15, 2007

Let US Ask You Something...

Should Dorkbloggers have a slogan, and if so, what?
We Are Dork
Come to the Dork Side
Bring on da Dork, Bring on Da Funk
It's Dorktastic!
Imagine the Dorkability...
None of These
Smoke Hair Fire
Superglue Accident Body Part
Free polls from

Okay, I just put those last two in for the lost souls in the googlesphere. It's like the bat signal, but for Dorks. If you have googled those words, where ever else your search takes you, you belong here as well. Okay, go take care of your emergency first, but then come back. You need us.


crse said...

You are a FRICKING GENIUS poll woman! You crossed the final frontier! (well im fairly certain we have many more frontiers between us with our vast array of computer knowledge!) (Mert??? dont leave us mert!)

Cynthia said...

I love these, but the first thing I thought of was Deliciously Dorky. Dork pride rules!

Maggie said...

I like dorktastic!! but the Dork side is winning. Good JOB!

I like cynthia's LOL... Dork Pride Rules.

Factor 10 said...

Oooooh...Deliciously Dorky...
is it wrong that I've been sitting here saying it with different accents?

Jill said...

Oh! You have to check this out. The ultimate in Dorkyness (from the Wacky Websites Page-A-Day calendar I received as a Christmas gift -- even my friends know what a dork I am!)

You type in a message and it turns it into Pig Latin!

The Dork Bloggers motto could be:
Omecay otay ethay orkday idesay


Ingbray onway aday orkday Ingbray onway aday unkfay

Pippajo said...

Personally, I like what Mert's button on her site says, "Get your dork on!"

Jill said...

I have been inspired by your Thursday 13 to unleash upon the world Ode To a Cuisinart Coffee Maker -- for my Dorkfessional Friday post.

Mert said...

I really like imagine the dorkabilities.... LOL!

Thanks Pippa! :O)

Wohoo! My bud Maggie is back.

CRSE, nothing you could ever do would make me leave. Dork Horses couldn't drag me away. ;O)

Factor 10 said...

Awww, Crap! I knew there was one I had missed! I LOVE Get your dork on! MaryMert, You are, truly, a Dork Savant. You inspire us all to new dorky heights. (other people would say lows, but we ARE dorks--we know.)

bananas62 said...

how about "it's dorktasmic"'s mind...not in such a vertuous(?) place!

Dorktastic works too!!!!

Jen said...

Come to the Dork Side!