Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's a party now!

Why? Because Mert has joined les grand Dorks.

Okay, this is not an actual photo of Mert, but I couldn't resist it.

Mert is the kind of Dork that KNOWS things. Dark, arcane things like CODE and java stuff, and yeah, that other stuff that CRSE and I sort of mumble and look away when people blog about.

If you are feeling blue that you weren't invited, BREATHE! (ha ha)
Then drop us an Email at the Gmail. That's what it's for, baby!


Mert said...

The only Java I know is the kind that you put in a cup, my dorkiness has limits, ya know... LOL!

I am honored to be able to call myself a Grand Dork. I couldn't be more proud. :D

Besides if I goof something up, I will only be more endearing and dorktastic.



Ash said...

I love the dorkiverse!

Pippajo said...

Very cool, very, very cool. I have been rendered speechless with delight...

Wish I had some mad dork skillz to offer...need a weekly contributor or anything? I like to write...

Factor 10 said...

Dear Pippa-

Please read your Emails.

Dorky Dork