Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Just two dorky valentine memories

1. I think it was our second valentine's day together that my husband mistook "dont get me anything" for "im not even gonna make you a crappy card on a napkin". Needless to say a fight ensued. The next day he got me a card that said "my heart is with you, on easter...and always".

2. This little gem just came back to me: years ago sitting at a kitchen table with a not mentioned by name fellow dorkblogger (hehehe) sorting through candy hearts so she only had suggestive and hot ones to give out at the bar later.

Come on people, dorky valentine moments?


Mert said...

I'm sure that what i did today will qualify in later years... let's just say it involves baked goods... It ain't pretty.

I'll be posting in in a few minutes. :D

Pippajo said...

Does dorky but sweet count?

When we were in college (and thus poor as church mice) The Viking made me a HUGE heart out of sheets of printer paper and red marker. I'm talking 5 feet by 5 feet! He rolled it up in a poster tube and sent it through Campus Mail and I had to pick it up in person at the window because it was too big to shove into my mailbox. Then I had to carry it around with me all dang day.

But I thought it was so sweet I hung it on my wall for the rest of the year (much to my roommate's chagrin). Now THAT is the kind of VD gift I like. See? Cause I'm a dork!

Pippajo said...

Also, Mert? I think you and I are totally ruling the dorkblogger comments! We'd better get dorkpoints for being frequent customers!

Mert said...

Awesome story Pippajo! I bet that was huge but sweet. It's better than what I had on my wall... I had a poster of a man with plumbers crack and it said, "Crack kills."

Yeah! I agree... we should get Dork Points. :D

Canada said...

So, in university (second year), I was dating Hubby and living on campus. For Valentine's, I made a scavenger hunt in my room, and wrapped a box and put the clues in it. I think there were 4 or 5. I made a little dinner (tricky without a kitchen, but I had a little microwave and a hot pot). I did it as a picnic, and lit candles and all. So, Hubby . . . bitched about the salad (I made tabouleh - it was good!), and then would not (NOT!) even try to figure out the (very fucking easy) clues. And one of the little gifts was this mug (which we have still) that was valentine-y but not overly lame, with a bear or something getting ready for a date, and there's a heart-shaped tub (I think) and it says "tonight's the night". He, I swear, has never used it. He even hid it. I think he was afraid that his Catholic mother would see it when she visited.

I still give him grief about that Valentine's Day (and he still doesn't like tabouleh!)

Jill said...

We caught the fondue pot on fire due to utter dorkiness/stupidity. Waiting for the oil to heat up, with no thermometer, our recipe book called for the oil to be around 200 degrees or something like that. I thought "Well, water boils at 212, so we'll wait until it gets to a low boil and that will be close enough." Water boils at 212, oil boils at somewhere close to 4000 degrees -- thus creating a giant grease fire in the already questionable apartment my boyfriend (now husband) lived in (can you say exposed water heater right next to the stove??)

We put the fire out, took the fondue pot off the stove and set it outside. After we aired the place out (nothing like having all the doors and windows open on a February night in Chicago), I went out to check on the oil to see if it cooled down. It had, so we brought it back in and went ahead with our fondue dinner! Fire be damned, I was going to have meat cooked in oil that night!!

Maggie said...

Ok. This is my dorky valentine moment. I convinced my honey to let me post a cropped picture of the outfit he wore today. It was his red union suit that he wears when it is extremely cold. So i posted this little picture and i was all proud. Then the comments started coming in and everyone thought it was my thigh. Now I am forbidden to ever post anything of his body again for fear that he has a girly ass. LOL

luckybuzz said...

Oh, the candy hearts. I think it worked, though, right? So that's dorky, but effective.

I also remember--same Valentine's Day--setting fire to candy hearts. They smell bad when they burn.

Mert said...

Hmmm... seems as if I have another dorky Valentine's moment, also from this year! See Maggie's post? I am partially , if not totally to blame.

Bow to my Dork Prowess. I'm that damn good.