Friday, July 13, 2007

Bring out Yer DORK! Bring out Yer DORKK!!!

Friends, it's that time again.

The contest last time was exhausting, and frankly, this puppy snuck up on me. So we'll just call this a Dorkk Off. Share a dorky story, and leave a link to it in the linky box below. This time around, we'll automatically add you to our dorkroll in the sidebar for participating, and we don't care if it's fresh dork. Link to your favorite post about the time you walked into something or accidentally flashed your in-laws.

Have fun with it, and warn us if it's got adult content or your site is not safe for work, pleaase!

Um, one upsmanship is encouraged.


Mert said...

I'm all over it, baby! I linked to one of more recent posts.
Happy Dorkteenth!

Mert said...

Is that a Minty Python reference? "Brrrring outcha dead!*gong*"

i was going to use that once but I didn't think anyone would get it :D

Anonymous said...

That's why we're Dorkbloggers, Miz Mert.

Yes, It's totally a python reference!


Mert said...

Minty Python, the slightly "fresher" version of Monty Python. LOL!

Yup, I'm a dork.

Factor 10 said...

Can you hear the crickets chirping, Mert? It's just you and me, kid. All of these self centered bloggy-types who let little things like "Life" interfere with the dorkteenth!?!?!

Okay, so Ash IS having a baby. (okay seriously, soooo excited for her)
CRSE is camping, so I guess she has an out, too.
Pippa is making the commute to vacation bible school--I would soooo be sleeping in...
Sending lots of squishy love to Michelle and her family.
Zig is working on a fine story about a BBQ that seems to have vast dork potential.

There's return lurkers showing in that Mybloglog box that need to free themselves from their dork shame. We are here to embrace their dork natures. Provided they share for our amusement....

ZigZagMan said...

:) proxy....I'll wait till my wife posts her dorklandish story...I feel by proxy....I cannot run for the event twice....:)

I will however say...that I still love this site and you gals and guys...are the greatest dorks ever!! ;)

ZigZagMan said...

that...and I still think ya gals need to show more bewbies.........:)

Mert said...

I just thought the chirping crickets were keeping the voices in my head company ;)

Well, I am ashamed to admit that I totally forgot it was the Dorkteenth until it was the Dorkteenth and I forgot to advertise on my other blog. My DORKY bad.

ZigZagMan said...

I went ahead and entered the finale of the gas grill follies for snicks....:)

Kathi said...

How convenient,LOL,that I just recently had another dork adventure worth passing on :)